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Geebung Kindergarten & Preschool - ecoBiz case study

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Find out how ecoBiz Star Partner Geebung Kindy (a community based, not for profit kindergarten and preschool in Brisbane) reduced their energy and water use. 

The free ecoBiz program has assessed the waste, water and energy practices in hundreds of businesses in Queensland and developed case studies to help businesses improve their operations and save money through sustainability.

Geebung Kindy is a non-profit community kindergarten in Geebung (Brisbane North). They provide quality care and education for up to 88 children using two unit facilities and outdoor play spaces.

Electricity and water are two major costs for the kindergarten. Since joining the ecoBiz program, Geebung Kindergarten has reduced its energy intensity by 11% and its water intensity by 37%. They are committed to using resources efficiently and made sustainability a strong focus of the kindergarten’s education program. 

“Being an ecoBiz Star Partner is important for us because we are teaching children about sustainability, so we want to make sure that what we are doing is what we are teaching. It's not only about saving money but also looking after our world, trying to be better people and make it a better place to live.” Rebecca Sutherland, Director


Geebung Kindergarten has implemented measures to limit their water use without taking away the fun water-based activities the children enjoy. 

  • They use rainwater for toilet flushing and garden irrigation.  
  • Synthetic grass has been installed to reduce irrigation and maintenance. 
  • They educate children on how to avoid water waste when they flush the toilet and wash their hands. 
  • Children bring their own reusable water bottles. 
  • Children’s water play has been designed to minimise water waste. The water children pump into the dry creek bed comes from a rainwater tank. They also play with a water tray and bucket the water at the end of the day to reuse it in the garden.


  • The kindergarten sources renewable energy from their 1.5kW solar panel system. 
  • They gradually replaced fluorescent lights with energy-efficient LED tubes. 
  • Staff turn off lights when not needed. 
  • Measures to reduce the use of air conditioning are in place: 
  • They installed awnings, verandas and curtains to prevent heat ingress; 
  • Staff only turn on the air conditioning when children are in the building, and they make sure doors and windows are closed; 
  • Air conditioning unit filters are cleaned and serviced regularly. 


ecoBiz is a free program funded by the Queensland Government and run by the Chamber of Commerce & Industry Queensland (CCIQ) that helps Queensland businesses audit their resource use and reduce costs from waste, water, and energy bills. After a free two-hour coaching session with a sustainability expert, businesses receive a written report with practical and tangible solutions, which are often no or low cost to implement.